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TRAINING - Module 6

“Negotiation Skills ©

Duration: 2 days


1 - Understand the main keys to a successful negotiatiation and the  indispensable pre-requisites.

2 - Follow a clear 5 steps process whichever the context (Business Negotiation, Political context etc...) and be able to set measurable outcomes.

3 - Practice your skills and gain feedback through practical group exercises.

4 - Learn to adapt your approach to the context. Manage unexpected situations.

5 - review your negotiations and plan your follow-up - Learn from your mistakes and improve your efficiency.

Résumé du contenu:

  1. Prepare: Analyze the  environnement - Set your objectives - Prepare your strategy - Create the proper setting.

  2. Explore: Ask the right questions - Non-verbal communication - Validation of outcomes and strategy. 

  3. Negociate: Propose - Offer a «Package».

  4. Agree and Close: Objections - Tactics - Conclude.

  5. Post-negotiation phase: Process evaluation-Follow-up and actions.

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