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TRAINING - Module 2


“Project management and evaluation”

Duration: 2 days + 1 day


1 - To provide methodological tools to help plan and set-up a new project. This module establishes a link at each level of the process between “know-how” and “behaviour”. 

2 - Introduction to the concept and basic tools of a follow-up / evaluation process.  Definition and setting-up of evaluation criteria from the very beginning of a project.

Summary of content:

1 - Project management

  1. Environmental study: the Dolphin strategy (cf: Lynch & Kordis)

  2. Knowing where to go: defining objectives.

  3. Setting-up a logical framework.

  4. Collecting the indispensable data from the start.

  5. Etablishing job descriptions.

  6. Feasibility study - “SWOT” analysis.

  7. How to prepare the introduction of change (cf: Palo-Alto school).

  8. Remembering to inform: preparing a communication plan to sell your project.

2 - Project evaluation

  1. Purpose of an evaluation: objectives, setting-up criteria.

  2. Definition of roles and responsabilities.

  3. Identifying success indicators.

  4. Roles and responsabilies - When and how to evaluate ?

  5. The five fundamental questions related to evaluation.

  6. The five evaluation steps.

  7. Collecting, analysing and using the information collected .

  8. What next ? - “Lessons Learnt”.

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 with the detailed content of this module and its components

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